About Me

I am a second-year Sc.M student in the Department of Computer Science at Brown University. I am part of Systems@Brown Research Group, where I am advised by Professor Theophilus Benson. My primary research interests include software-defined networking, distributed systems, and programmable data planes. Most recently, I have looked into the observability and performance improvement of the data center network with P4 and eBPF.

At Brown University, I am researching heterogeneous architectures to accelerate packet processing for P4 programs, where I am currently working on P4 programs offloading to the GPU accelerator. Last summer, I researched SDN solutions for cloud scalability and reliability with distributed ONOS controllers at IBM Research. Prior to joining Brown University, I was an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University with a networking concentration, where I was supervised by Professor David Ogle for delay-tolerant networking research. You can find my CV here.


Nov 2021   I will be the head teaching assistant (HTA) for CSCI 1680 for the Spring 2022 semester.

Oct 2021    I will be joining IBM Research for the research internship next year (2022).

Oct 2021    I am applying for Ph.D. programs!

May 2021    I joined IBM Research for a research internship.

Sep 2020   I joined Brown University for CS Sc.M program.

Jun 2020   I joined the Systems@Brown research group.


Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Sc.M in Computer Science, May 2022 (Expected)
Pathway: Systems
Research Interests: Software Defined Networks, Programmable Data Planes, Distributed Systems
Selected Coursework: Distributed Systems at Scale: Microservices Management; Privacy-Conscious Computer Systems
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
B.S. in Computer and Information Science, May 2020
Sub-Plan: Computer Networking
Research Interests: Delay-Tolerant Networking
Selected Coursework: Computer Networking and Internet Technologies; Network Security; Introduction to Wireless Networking; Network Programming

Research Experience

IBM Research, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights)
Graduate Research Intern, May 2021 - August 2021
Cloud Infrastructure Research Group
Mentors: Dr. Bengi Karacali and Dr. Ali Sydney
Research Topic: Robust Software-Defined Networks with P4
Systems@Brown Group, Providence, Rhode Island
Graduate Research, June 2020 - present
Advisor: Professor Theophilus Benson
Research Topic: Programmable Data Plane, Distributed Systems
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Undergraduate Research, August 2019 - April 2020
Supervisor: Professor David Ogle
Research Topic: Delay-Tolerant Networking In Rural Areas

Teaching Assistantship

CSCI 1680: Computer Networks
Head Teaching Assistant, Brown University, Spring 2022
CSE 2421 - System I: Introduction to Low-Level Programming and Computer Organization
Student Instructional Assistant 1, The Ohio State University, Spring 2020
CSE 2421 - System I: Introduction to Low-Level Programming and Computer Organization
Student Instructional Assistant 3, The Ohio State University, Autumn 2019
CSE 2421 - System I: Introduction to Low-Level Programming and Computer Organization
Student Instructional Assistant 3, The Ohio State University, Spring 2019

Current Research Projects

P4GPP: A GPU-Accelerated P4 Packet Processing [link]
Advisor: Professor Theophilus Benson
In this project, we are executing multiple P4 programs concurrently in the GPU accelerator. We developed a P4-CUDA compiler that extensively analyzes data dependency among P4 programs and targets the best optimized concurrent execution path.
NCDe: Network Congestion Detection With eBPF
This project enables network kernel stack observability in the service mesh with eBPF. We are developing a monitoring tool that analyzes packet processing patterns for each layer (Ethernet, IP, and TCP) at service-level granularity.

Past Research Project

Enabling Internet Access In Rural Areas
Supervisor: Professor David Ogle
This project aims to enable internet access to regions without proper infrastructure support, where round trip time is significantly high, or no network path is available to the destination. We approached this problem by modifying the transport layer with opportunistic custody transfer and utilizing the network address table.